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Accounting records are the bedrock for any business. Accurate and timely bookkeeping allows business to generate good financial information on which to make decisions.


We provide preparation of BAS and relevant regulatory compliance. All accounting provided by EDGE SME is tailored to the client.


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EDGE SME will:

  • Help you setup systems, including record keeping and filing

  • Help with procedures and processes, to enable great customer service

  • Do your bookkeeping

  • Tailor your accounting reporting to help you get useful information

  • Use strong business practices to help you make good financial decisions and develop effective strategy

  • Complete your BAS/GST and Payroll tax preparation and help you with your regulatory compliance

We love Xero cloud accounting software.

  • If you use or move to a cloud-based solution, there are many benefits, including no need for a server, access from anywhere with a computer and internet, off-site data security, reporting flexibility, automatic software updates and a huge selection of software add-ons.

  • We can help with systems implementation and process automation.


People have always been one of the most important elements of any business. At EDGE SME we stay up to date on all aspects of payroll processing, day to day management of human capital and employment legislation. The service is tailored to small business and includes internal control procedures, policy documentation and a suite of documents for HR processing. We are experienced with Fairwork and WorkCover negotiation.


Accounting is the process of summarising, interpreting, and communicating financial information. EDGE SME customises their accounting services to their client. Advisory services includes elements such as; 


  • business planning

  • cash flow management

  • budgeting and forecasting, management (internal) reporting

  • financial modelling

  • financial (external) reporting

  • internal controls and efficiency

  • system selection and implementation, process automation

  • assistance with strategy development


You may be thinking about a valuation, sale or acquisition. EDGE SME assists small business management with business decisions.


EDGE SME can also assist SME owners and managers to communicate financial information to the external stakeholders. 


Corporate governance is the collection of processes and relations by which a business is governed.              Business requirements may include anything from strengthening day to day administrative infrastructure to procedures for meetings and minute taking. 


Governance services include:


  • company secretarial

  • risk management

  • policy drafting

  • technical letter writing 

  • assistance with capital raising, funding and grants

  • statutory and other company record maintenance


We customise our governance services to each client, so, for small business clients, the solution can be quick and simple and meet the client's needs and all for a very competitive price.  


EDGE SME can help you select and set up a business structure from the very moment you have an idea.                                                           

From the moment you start thinking about foundation investment, through to scaling up, we can assist with every aspect of setting up your financial management and administrative systems, including a business plan, share plan and break-even model. The aim is to provide a tailored and professional service, to assist your business in its quest for commercialisation and development. 


  • set up a business structure

  • set up a simple cashbook or a backoffice software system

  • setup a record keeping system

  • simple financial reporting

  • process automation

  • small business incentives

  • industry benchmarking


We are small and agile. We love cloud technology and keep a constant vigil for developments in our line of business. This means we are well positioned to serve you in your business venture.

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